The promotion of the region/ territory

We provide the implementation of major projects on creation and promotion of the positive image of a region at the Federal and international levels.

Our extensive capabilities in Federal, sectoral, regional, and international relations enable us to efficiently solve problems of high complexity in the majority of regions, sectors of the economy and policy.

The promotion of the region/territory includes:

  • Monitoring of economic, financial and social situation in the region;
  • Conducting the reputation survey among domestic and external expert, the target groups for ascertaining the views of the place and the role of the territory;
  • Presentation of strategy of development of the territory;
  • Preparation of the programme reputation management;
  • Development and implementation of a communication strategy;
  • Attraction of target public organizations;
  • Interaction with mass-media;
  • Development, organization and holding of special events;
  • Co-branding: organization and holding of joint events with the partners to attract attention to the region and to support the reputation of the region;
  • Formation of public opinion and the impact on local authorities.