Political consulting

One of the specialties of the Agency - the successful use of political technologies.

Candidates for elective positions, as well as political and public figures we offer assistance in solving political problems and in realization of the planned purposes.

We provide services in the following directions of political consulting:

  • Monitoring and analysis of the political situation in the regions of Russia;
  • Conducting of sociological and sociometric researches;
  • Development and implementation of policy and communication strategy;
  • Development and management scenarios;
  • Organization and management of political processes;
  • Development of the ideology of the political party and the image of a specific person;
  • Building effective relations with authorities;
  • Political coaching (the organization of trainings for key persons);
  • Anti-crisis PR;
  • Development and implementation of a political PR-campaigns;
  • Conducting of the election campaign;
  • Management of the protest electorate;
  • Management of the voter turnout;
  • Political propaganda and counter-propaganda;
  • Management of emergency and other force-majeure situations.


In addition to the classical tools of the political consulting, we apply our own custom moves and non-trivial solutions, wich is not predictable for political opponents.

Besides our company  is included as an independent expert in the various committees and Commission of State Duma and Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which also gives its obvious advantages.

Behind us - hundreds of political projects and successful election campaigns of different levels in Russia, CIS countries, near and far abroad.