Consulting in Internet-technologies

The Internet is so firmly strengthened its positions in the modern life, that for today is one of the most important instruments for the implementation of the pr communications, formation and promotion of professional activity and the image of the company. At the same time  Internet is unstable, rapidly changing environment, to work with which  is necessary to apply non-standard approaches.

We help our clients build the correct positioning and manage their reputation on the Internet. Using a variety of communication tools, we combine the traditional solution and the work with social media (blogs, updates, you'll social networks, etc.), thus creating the Foundation for a reliable, open and long-term relations with all groups of the Internet audience.

We offer a full complex of services on support and promotion in the Internet:

1. Creation of resources of the «turnkey».

2. Support resources and arrangement of the materials:

  • Monitoring of the presence of the brand, a company or a person on the Internet;
  • Audit of Internet-resources;
  • Visual correction of image of a brand, company or a person in the SERP;
  • Placement of materials in the Internet-mass-media, blogs and social networks;
  • Distribution of materials in the news aggregators, as well as the distribution of journalists and bloggers;
  • Content support resources.

3. Work on support in third-party services and resources:

  • Search engine (SEO) promotion of resources in Yandex, Google, Mail, Rambler;
  • Maintenance of corporate blogs (Livejournal) and micro-blogging (Twitter);
  • Maintenance of corporate groups and accounts in social networks;
  • Response to the «social» media;
  • Commentary work in the industry portals.