We provide consulting services for the development of the complex of actions and measures, aimed at improvement of the company's activity and increase of efficiency of its work.

Pr-consulting can be used for the solving of following objectives:

  • The growth of sales volumes;
  • The increase of profit;
  • Improvement of quality of service;
  • Reduction in time spent on a business process;
  • The development of KPI (key performance indicators) and the implementation of the standardization of KPI;
  • Formation of the standards of business;
  • The management of the business project;
  • And many other things.

 The main stages of optimization of business:

  • Analysis of the existing business processes;
  • Identification of «problem zones» - processes, complicating the work of the company and reduce the efficiency of its work;
  • Development of the program of optimization of business;
  • Implementation of the program of optimization.
  • Also our consultations include programs invest relations (relations with investors), public relations (building relations with the public), the development and implementation of unorthodox strategies, management of emergency situations, coaching and training.