Branding-a list of the various activities on creation, formation and development of the brand. The most important instrument in the creation of the image of the company (the product) is the brand name.

Consulting group «Old square» provides a wide range of services both for the creation of a brand of «from scratch», and so on re-branding of the company\ product\ persons.

Including we carry out:

  • Analysis of the brand;
  • Formation of positive image of the brand;
  • Development of strategy кобрендинга and sponsorship;
  • Internal branding.

Separate type of branding is self-branding - technology of building a personal brand.

Self-branding is needed for everyone:  strategically thinking policies, the officials, businessman, public figures,  experts- who has thought about the development of his career.

Effective self-branding is the basis of transition to the policy, the key to effective communication of the businessman with representatives of the authorities and much more.

Consulting group of «Staraya ploschad» offers development and implementation of individual strategy and tactics of self-branding in all branches and types of activities.